Types of Lift

Types of Lift

At Maxx Elevators, We work with you to deliver what is feasible and explore the possibility in your home. By taking the time to get to know your requirement, we can ensure the product maximizes the potential of your property. Our intention is to deliver the world’s safest lifts for the best possible price.

Residential / Commercial Lift

Residential / Commercial Lift provide stylish options to the platform as well as stair lifts. These lifts can be effortlessly incorporated in any available home, otherwise incorporated in edifice plans for latest homes. These types of lifts are available in different styles, and these can be installed in your home walls, otherwise included effortlessly to improve your home’s decoration. The main benefits of residential lifts are; they can move you securely among floors even during a power failure. Quick installation and offers you an effortless life.

Residential / Commercial Lift are designed to transport both passengers and goods. These systems include elongated passenger cars and are most often found in employee-only areas of hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, apartment buildings and other commercial locations.

Goods Lift

These are meant specially for industrial Purpose. Goods lifts are of course made strudy and rugged provided no willful damage is done to it. We have design goods lifts for weight up to 5000 kgs. The size and capacity of the lifts can be as per required by the client.

In the world of lifts, these lifts are workhorses. These are very useful for transporting materials, goods in warehouses, manufacturing industries, shopping malls, seaports, etc. This type of lifts is separated into classes, to describe their load capacity as well as application. These lifts are strong in nature, and they are specially manufactured by engineers. The benefits of these elevators include; these elevators are designed for commercial as well as industrial applications. The flexible design to hold the application, door designs can be changed, eco-friendly, etc.

Car Lift

Car lifts represent a version of the hydraulic goods-passenger lifts that are adapted for transportation of passenger cars. The lifts serve multi-level over-ground and underground parking garages. The use of this lift in a small garage under the building, instead of a typical ramp, saves 5 up to 9 parking lots on one level. The following pictures explain the advantage. We are involved in designing and developing a varied range of Car Hydraulic Elevator, that is manufactured using engineering accuracy and advanced scientific techniques.

Our vehicle lift is specially designed for residential buildings, offices, public parking and any space where the optimum utilisation of space is essential. It includes safety systems such as vehicle centering and, optionally, a double commuted control unit or an emergency motor pump unit for use in the event of failure of the main drive unit.

Hospital Lift / Bed Lift

Bed Elevator used to carry the patient comfortable and safely. Elevator car is adjusted sensitive to the floor lest shake while entering and exiting. Bed Elevator systems carrying capacity is preferable from 1600 kgs to 2500 kgs with the speed from 0,4 m/s to 3 m/s.

Anti-bacterial precautions taken to ensure the hygiene of the bed elevator. Inner decoration designed with stainless steel and the lighting arranged at non-bothering level. Bed elevator system can be preferable semi-automatic, full automatic and hydraulic. We provide Safe, smooth and reliable elevator designed especially for hospitals, with a solid set of features for optimum performance in the highly demanding environment of patient transportation. These lifts are mainly used in Hospital and Nursing Home for movement of the patient who are not able to go by stairs as well as the patient party also use the lift

Home Lift

Home Lift can be installed anywhere adjacent to the house structure and can be integrated with the existing building. No Pit, No Machine Room Required. These elevators are highly durable as these are manufactured using premium quality raw material procured from reliable vendors. These elevators are manufactured by a team of expert professionals making optimum utilization of advanced technology and modern tools & equipment. Offered elevators are fabricated as per the international standards and thus ensure excellent functioning. Customers can avail these elevators from us in various specifications in accordance with their needs.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of home lifts. Among this we offer Indoor Home Lifts. This lift is useful for entrance of 5-6 people and wheelchair along with a person with attender.

Dumbwaiter Lift

A dumbwaiter elevator is a very small freight elevator that’s intended to carry objects instead of people. Commercially, you’ll often find them in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and schools. They’re now also a popular addition to the home, with dumbwaiter installation making it easier to move things upstairs and downstairs.

People have many reasons to purchase a home dumbwaiter from Nationwide Lifts. Our dumbwaiters are designed to safely transport bags of groceries, bottles of soda, books, or even pieces of luggage to another floor. Homeowners can feel at ease about transporting valuable items in their residential dumbwaiter. Our residential dumbwaiters are constructed of durable materials to ensure solid performance. We also have a free catalog that features specific details on all of our products. Dumbwaiters in the home can have a lot of different uses, but these are some of the most popular styles and ways to use dumbwaiters.

Capsule Lift

Capsule lift or Elevators are used in prestigious buildings, which can be called as decoration of a building because they improve the building’s beauty as well as carries life into it. The main features of this elevators mainly include design, and travel comfort is best. The interior design of these lifts is attractive with a large glass panel for viewing. The ultramodern design of these lifts offers a cosmic zone travel experience for the passengers. These lifts are consistent and inexpensive with the least maintenance.

Capsule elevators are way better than the traditional lift or elevator alternatives. They are equipped with modern technology and high-quality equipment which make them superior to other options available. You would never regret the decision of getting a capsule elevator. We will provide you with the best capsule elevator which you would not otherwise get.
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