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Maxx Elevator was started in the year 2015. The company handles installation and maintenance of vertical transportation system such as elevators and escalators and moving sidewalks in India. Our greatest asset is the expertise and the resourceful of our people.We also offer many years of experience executing and managing large, traffic – Intensive installations.
With the kind of orientation and priorities, Maxx Elevator has, it is but natural that we would have an equally strong commitment towards the future – to become even more customer and user friendly. As a result, there is always an on-going component of reviewing, researching and reorganizing aspects of their operations, technology and services, in order to further improve upon them.


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New Lift Installer

We provide the best New Lift Installation in Kolkata

Lift Repairing

We provide reliable Lift Repairing service in Kolkata

Maintenance of Lift

We provide the best lift maintenance service in Kolkata


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Trasparent Pricing

Our Pricing System allows you to choose only the functions that you need. Simple Design, Simple Lift. No Frills!

Customized Design

Full experience in customized elevator design and manufacture to provide you feasible solutions

Experienced Staff

Professional sales team can give you time to time reply, from the fist inquiry till the last maintenance.

Customer satisfaction

All the customer concerns are monitored through a closed loop process by an external agency till they are resolved and the customer is satisfied.